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Lodging & Weather


Deming Motel
Our host lodging is the locally owned Deming Motel located on Deming's main street. The Deming Motel is a great location with secure parking, clean rooms, and convenient access. Room rates run from $39.33 for a single.

Use this ST-owners thread to reserve your room or to coordinate cancelations.


Rock Hound State Park
Located approximately 11 miles southeast of Deming and has a nice campground with good facilities.

Rock Hound State Park is unusual in that visitors are encouraged to search for rocks and minerals and allowed to take up to 15 pounds of their findings away with them.

Click here for a PDF bochure of the park. You can reserve your campsite online by clicking here.


Deming, NM Weather
Deming's average February high is 65° F. while the low is 30° F. Sunny days can sometimes be as warm as 75 while a clear night can easily hit the 20's so you can expect the weather to be fairly temperate but be prepared for chilly nights.

Even if the weather is cool, it's important to remember to drink plenty of water because the climate is quite dry. One can easily become dehydrated even if the temperature isn't in the 100's.

February does get some rain but usually only averages about 1/2 an inch for the entire month. It's a good idea to have rain gear with you just in case.

Changes in elevation can also cause dramatic temperature changes. It may be quite warm in the valleys while mountain areas could easily have snow. Be prepared to use layers to effectively navigate the different regions as well as times of day. Once the sun sets, expect the temperature to drop rapidly. Figure that the typical sunrise will be a little before 7 a.m. while 6:15 p.m. is the typical sunset.

DesertSTOC 2 • Deming, NM • February 15-18, 2008